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The CrossFit I35 “Summer Swole-Stice” is a competitive fitness competition open to athletes worldwide, testing athletic fitness and physical work capacity.

The “Swole-Stice” is designed to unite and challenge fitness enthusiasts. Our goal is to provide an avenue for these athletes to display their skills. Competitions are an essential source of motivation and acknowledgment, creating a stage to share the results of hard work with peers, family and friends.

Events supporting the rapidly growing CrossFit community in America are in demand, and we have a clear perspective of what the fitness community desires in a competition. CrossFit I35 founder, Scott Lofquist, opened his first CrossFit gym in Kansas City, MO, in 2008 when there were only 5 CrossFit affiliates in the entire Kansas City Metro area.  As of the publication of this proposal, there are now over 40—and that number will only continue to grow.  For example, the inaugural CrossFit Games in Aromas, CA, had only 70 participants with no qualifying competitions.  In 2013 there were over 140,000 entrants in the first qualifying round and, in 2014, that number was over 250,000.

CrossFit I35 is recognized as one of the premier CrossFit gyms in the Kansas City Metropolitan area for athletic excellence and as a venue for both CrossFit and weightlifting competitions.

While the exact events of the competition change each year, the atmosphere is constant. The electricity and excitement generated at a competitive fitness event are difficult to describe, but when you are competing or watching a live competition, the positive energy is palpable.

Call Scott Lofquist at 913-205-8338 for additional details and to confirm your sponsorship of the 2019 Summer Swole-Stice Fitness Event.

You can also write to scottlofquist@gmail.com as well.